Google Reader take 2


Google Reader take 2

I mentioned that I liked Google Reader recently; that’s still true. I think it’s one of the best Web-based applications I’ve used, and it works well for reading RSS feeds.

There’s some recent news about a privacy issue, though: Google Reader Becomes Holiday Snitch [link removed - apparently site is now "blacklisted by Google"]

Here’s Google’s response: Managing your shared items

By default, Reader items are not shared. My initial reaction was that people overreacted; shared=public. After a brief look at the documentation, though, it’s not clear just how public shared items are. I can see how this could upset some people.

I wouldn’t advise using Google Reader (or just about any public Web application) for any data that must be kept private. I intend to keep using the service, as I could safely share my feeds with anyone at work.

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