The problem with CruiseControl.NET is not the application, it’s the documentation.

A number of open source projects suffer from poor documentation. (NAnt, fortunately, does not.) CruiseControl.NET is worse than many, though.

As new releases add features, no one goes back through the documentation to revise outdated sections. Portions now contradict each other.

For example, the FAQ states that building projects sequentially is not supported. It is now.

The FxCop integration section states that editing the dashboard’s web.config and installing a plugin are necessary; this appears not to be the case. However, the support for FxCop reports does not work properly with FxCop 1.35; I had to install a community stylesheet to get that to work as per Luke Melia’s blog. What’s more, there’s a bug in CC 1.3 that denies script execution permission to stylesheets and breaks the community files; I edited the XSL to work around this (alternately one can recompile CC with a patch).

For a product as popular as this, I would think the authors would spend a little time polishing the documentation. I just picked up Marc Holmes’s Expert .NET Delivery Using NAnt and CruiseControl.NET (2005, Apress); hopefully that will help.

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