ReSharper is an amazing product; its knowledge of NAnt build file properties startled me today. However, this infuriates me:

Type “cw” and wait. ReSharper users will see “No suggestions". Press Tab and “Console.WriteLine();” will appear; this is a standard Visual Studio 2005 Code Snippet.

Where’s the IntelliSense? ReSharper took it out in favor of their template system:

Their system probably is better. This does me no good, though; I work with a team, and only two of us own ReSharper. We have to develop and share standard Visual Studio snippets.

Naturally JetBrains couldn’t be bothered to merge the menus.

My favorite part of the bug report was “Resolution: Won’t Fix". That’s arrogance.

Update - March 13, 2008

I came up with a workaround.

Tools / Customize / Keyboard / Edit.InsertSnippet - pick a key combo (Ctrl+Alt+S is good if you don’t use ServerExplorer much) - Assign (optionally Remove old shortcut first) - OK

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