SQL Server Express, MSBuild, etc.


SQL Server Express, MSBuild, etc.

I may have found out what’s going on with SQLExpress:

That RANU business is just plain weird.

Ever use the Build Events in Visual Studio (project properties)? VS provides handy little macros to insert into command lines. There’s only one problem: not all of them work from MSBuild.

I tried building a project that used these from MSBuild (called by NAnt, natch) outside of Visual Studio today, and was surprised to find that the post-build event didn’t work. The problem was the $(DevEnvDir) macro, which normally returns the installation directory of Visual Studio. Outside VS, that’s undefined.

The solution? Move the post-build commands into NAnt (or don’t use DevEnvDir).

ReSharper’s support for NAnt build files amazes me. It can detect if properties or tasks are not defined, and will offer to define them for you. Two great products that work well together.

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