Iowa Code Camp


Iowa Code Camp

I attended Iowa Code Camp yesterday; it was well worth my time. The entire one-day event was free; even meals and soft drinks were provided! The only thing attendees had to pay for was parking. On top of that, they gave out swag and prizes (I won a copy of Kent Beck’s Test-Driven Development By Example.)

Of the five sessions I attended, only one was a disappointment. (The presenter was using regular expressions to filter HTML; I would have used a DOM parser like HtmlAgilityPack.)

Amanda Laucher’s F# class was interesting, although I’m not leaving C# (or Boo) anytime soon. .NET’s language interoperability is key, though - if a functional language is the best tool for a particular task, use it and call that code from your language of choice.

Brian Hartin’s Inversion of Control session gave me a whirlwind tour of Ruby and the Needle IoC framework. I liked what he had to say about feature considerations for IoC/DI (Dependency Injection) frameworks. Google’s Active Scaffold looks great for Ruby-goers, and IntelliJ IDEA now has Ruby support.

Microsoft’s Jeff Brand gave an introductory talk on LINQ. I have four pages of solid notes; he covered everything from the basic language building blocks to concrete examples for various providers (objects, SQL, XML). I’m reasonably sure I’ve heard Brand speak before at another event; he’s worth hearing.

Blogger Derick Whittaker spoke on Mocks, specifically the excellent Rhino.Mocks. He also mentioned the StructureMap DI framework. He made some very good points, such as that the only failure points should be within your class under test (awkward wording is mine).

Time well spent. Thanks to all concerned!

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