Why I'm not a Web Developer


Why I'm not a Web Developer

A friend of mine recently published his first novel, and the person who created his web site did a very unprofessional job. I offered to clean it up.

Several long nights and weekends later, it’s in reasonably good shape - valid XHTML and external CSS. I’ve tested it in Firefox 3, IE6, and IE7.

Internet Explorer 7 was the killer. Its improper handling of the float style caused me significant grief. Since I have IE6 installed at home, I was remoting in to work to test with IE7.

I far prefer Firefox, but as I write this, I can see the tab display in b2evolution is slightly off in Firefox 3. Whether that’s a page error or a browser error, I can’t say.

Other than Microsoft’s disregard of standards, what I dislike most is the incessant manual testing. Make a change, view it in browser A, view it in browser B, validate it, repeat. I’m a strong believer in automated testing, but I know of no way to automate this. It reminds me of the Bad Old Days of software development, where we tested everything manually (often in the debugger).

The final web site is at http://www.jpatricklamont.com/. Someone else will be maintaining it, so future errors may not be mine. ;-)

P.S. I enjoyed the book he wrote.

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