SharePoint tip


SharePoint tip

This may be SharePoint 101 for gurus, but this is for non-experts like me.

If you are trying to reorganize Shared Documents on a SharePoint site, there’s an easier way than doing it through the web interface.

Option one:

Start/Run \\\site
(basically change the HTTP www to two backslashes).

Option two:

Go to My Network Places and map the drive.

Either way, you can use Windows Explorer to move documents around.

Your mileage may vary; I strongly suggest you check with your SharePoint administrator before trying this tip.

Update - April 13, 2009

Our administrator imposed a document size limit on SharePoint. Uploading a larger document through a browser errors out with a descriptive message. Copying a file through Windows Explorer appeared to silently corrupt it. When in doubt, verify (and keep a copy!).

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