Visual Studio Toolbox Choose Items crash fix


Visual Studio Toolbox Choose Items crash fix

I’m not a heavy UI guy, but today I was working on a WinForms app and tried to get a custom component to show up in the Toolbox. I right-clicked on the Toolbox, selected Choose Items… from the context menu, and… boom. Visual Studio crashed. I reproduced it, too.

After some searching, I found the solution on Wesley Walraeve’s blog:
Visual Studio 2008 SP1 crashes, Toolbox –> Choose Items…

The culprit was PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008. Uninstalling that (via Add or Remove Programs) fixed it.

Note that PowerCommands shows up on the Visual Studio splash screen and in About Microsoft Visual Studio, but not in Tools/Add-in Manager.

There’s an alleged fix according to one of the comments on the PowerCommands page, but I’m not willing to risk that at this point. It’s handy, not crucial.

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