Searching MSDN via Bing and Launchy


Searching MSDN via Bing and Launchy

Thanks to Phil at work for suggesting this tip!

In addition to launching programs, Launchy can also launch web sites via the Weby plugin. It comes pre-configured with numerous searches, but here’s how to add MSDN’s new Bing search.

Start Launchy and go to Options. Select the Plugins tab and the Weby plugin. Click the plus (+) sign and enter the following:

Name: MSDN
Query: Search/en-US/?query=%s&ac=8

Click OK.

Now bring up Launchy and type “msdn” (it’s case-insensitive), then hit the Tab key. It should show “MSDN > “. Type in a word or phrase to search for and hit Enter. It should bring up MSDN Search in your default browser.

Double-clicking - how quaint! ;-)

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