Installing FxCop 10


Installing FxCop 10

Microsoft chose to bundle FxCop v10 with the Windows 7 SDK, which is pretty huge. Matthew1471 offers an excellent tip on his blog: .NET FxCop 10 Install from CAB. This lets you extract the small setup file and just install FxCop! It works fine.

What’s more, you can install FxCop to a folder under your source control tree, check in the folder, then uninstall FxCop. This lets all your developers (and your build server) run FxCop without installing it. This also works; I tried it today with TeamCity. You just have to change the FxCop installation root.

EDIT: Kriz mentioned an issue in the comments; other people have also encountered this. I don’t know of anyone at work who has, though. The missing interop assembly doesn’t appear to install in the GAC with Visual Studio, either. I don’t have an answer, but it’s working for us.

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