Professional ethics


Professional ethics

“If you want to see an abstract principle, such as moral action, in material form – there it is. Look at it. Every class of it, every property, method and line was put there by a choice in answer to the question: right or wrong? You had to choose right and you had to choose the best within your knowledge – the best for your purpose, which was to make software – and then move on and extend the knowledge, and do better, and still better, with your purpose as your standard of value. You had to act on your own judgment, you had to have the capacity to judge, the courage to stand on the verdict of your mind, and the purest, the most ruthless consecration to the rule of doing right, of doing the best, the utmost best possible to you. Nothing could have made you act against your judgment, and you would have rejected as wrong as evil – any man who attempted to tell you that the best way to write software was as a Big Ball of Mud.”

- Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged, changed from steel to software

This is my take on Uncle Bob Martin’s concept of professionalism and software craftsmanship.

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