UML sequence diagrams


UML sequence diagrams

I found this week and was able to create the UML sequence diagram I wanted fairly quickly.

You enter text like

Alice->Bob: Authentication Request
Bob-->Alice: Authentication Response

and it draws the diagram. You can change the style of the diagram to something more reasonable than “napkin.” ;) Diagrams can be saved as PNG images or PDF documents. (I’d recommend keeping a copy of the script text as well.)

The help page is quite good; you can also click on the examples on the left to insert the equivalent text. An area at the bottom shows script errors.

# Comments are allowed (but undocumented),

as are blank lines.

The site is free, but advanced features and local hosting are available for a fee.

There are other tools with similar capabilities. (Greg, I think you were the first to show me one - what was that?) There are a few techniques from UML Distilled I’d like to see, but this tool was good enough for my purpose.

Update - April 4, 2011

The one Greg mentioned is Quick Sequence Diagram Editor.

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