We’re still working through Seven Languages in Seven Weeks in our lunch-and-learn book club at work. In the Cedar Rapids .Net Users Group book club, we’re almost finished with Real-World Functional Programming with examples in F# and C#.

And I’m learning that I hate ceremony.

In my day job, I write mostly C#. I’m used to that - typing curly braces, ending lines with semicolons, declaring types - it’s automatic. A good IDE helps a lot.

More and more, I wonder why the compiler doesn’t do more of this. F# is also a strongly-typed .NET language, and it can infer most types.

I’m starting to appreciate the simplicity of the F#/Ruby way of doing things.

As a side note, why are Apple and Microsoft bringing back the Bad Old Days of memory management? I have no desire to code in Objective-C or C++. I don’t want to use COM. Even the Linux folks seem to have a love affair with C/C++. Give me memory management. Give me modern languages.

And give me less ceremony.

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