GOTO notes: App Universe


GOTO notes: App Universe

Closing Keynote: The App Universe After the Big Bang
Mike Lee

We’re in the Silver Age. The Golden Age of apps is over.
The crazy Gold Rush is the anomaly.
In 2003, people were having their nephews write their web sites.
In 2013, we’re in the same boat for apps.

Find the intersection of Creativity and Commerce.
Pay attention to business.

See for a 5-part series on app pricing.

You need Marketing.

It’s like ___ with/for ___.   It’s a Bad Idea.
It feels safe.
Don’t make games.   It’s a Bad Idea.
You’re not good at it. It’s a hit-driven business.

Solve Boring Problems.
Make it cost me less money, or take up less time.
Less competition.
Narrow domain scope.

Perfection is unachievable.
Engineering’s about compromise. You need to ship.

Sacrifice is necessary.

You need help.
(And a lot of people have helped you.)


113 games ship to the App Store every single day.

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