SCNA 2009 - Observations from an Old Warhorse: Fred George

Traffic Broker

40 years of experience in 60 languages. And a good speaker to boot!

Technology Choices

Q. SOA or Objects?
A. Yes. Not conflicting.

Application size has increased by an order of magnitude every ten years.

The following have helped us get by (reduce efforts) over the years:

The common elements are:

Discard to Make Languages Robust

Example: goto

From the Tektronix School of Objects (Ward Cunningham):

(Rails - TDD) => Productive VB

(He does test; the determining questions are how long the program is going to be around and how long it is.)

Feedback => Quality

  1. Frequent releases
  2. Iterations
  3. Stand-up meetings - anybody stuck? (See them after meeting)
  4. Tasking cycle (if Kanban is user story level, this is task level)
  5. Pair programming

Lean: Identify and Eliminate Waste

  1. What are you making?
  2. How do you make it faster?

Iterations Are Dead

Continuous Deployment (Holy Grail)

Source control branching is not necessarily a good thing.


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